Sunday, January 18, 2009

~ yawn ~

I just yawned ^^; tired from excersize.

I have gained some motivation lately, i hope i dont lose it. I got it mainly from Takuya, who is the lead singer of the japanese band UVERworld. He is my favorite male japanese singer. Here is a little bit about him.

TAKUYA∞ (born Takuya Shimizu (清水琢也 Shimizu Takuya) is the lead vocalist, lyricist, programmer and the oldest member of Japanese rock band UVERworld. The infinity (∞) sign attached to Takuya's name has the meaning of infinite potential and that he strives to improve himself continually.

Takuya began to learn music when his father gave him a folk guitar. Since then he taught music to himself. Takuya, in his first year of junior high was inspired by his elder sibling which then drove him to create a band with Nobuto, and another of their Junior high friends - Hideki. Takuya started out as a guitarist. He loved music and started writing songs even with that little experience he had. Innocently, he thought that they were able to debut. However, later on he realised that he did not have that talent after all, however he did not stop.

After he finished junior high, he started living alone and did not go to high school. He started working and continued playing music. Eventually, he got into surfing and skateboarding and stopped playing music altogether. However, he realised that this didn't not fit his character and it lead him to the path of music again, with the help of people like Yutaka Ozaki (a popular J-Pop singer) who inspired him. He wrote this experience into a song, which we know as ‘LIFEsize’.

Takuya is a huge fan of Reigo5 and had mentioned him in several interviews. As far as we know, Reigo5 was previously the MC and vocalist of the still active band (after a long hiatus) - tick. Though not obvious, some fans have claimed that they can hear the similarities of tick's music and Takuya's. Reigo5 doesn't seem to be around anymore but Takuya still never fails to mention him in various interviews. In fact, Takuya met Reigo5's family in mid 2007.

Another personal favourite of Takuya's is Yutaka Ozaki. Ozaki was a famous Japanese musician who passed away in 1992. Takuya listed him as the person who greatly inspired him to return to the musical path after he momentarily stopped playing music. With Ozaki's influence, Takuya is determined to inspire others and maybe change lives in the way Ozaki did to him at that time.

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