Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~ Frustrating Topic ~

Racism & discrimination.
What do you think of it?

My thoughts..
Look at the human races beginning. We evolved from apes, lived in groups, and protected our own from other groups. So in fact, humans are a tribal people. Eventually with the advancement of technology, our groups combined to make countries, and we waged war to protect and/or expand our land and power. Up until the last few centuries, communication was quite limited and the majority of people were uneducated. So when people had limited exposure (or secondary exposure) to what they did not know, they often believed what they heard. So stereotypes spread. But did you know the past is the past? It's done, you can't change it. But the good thing is you can learn from it.

Racism is a big problem, but it is slowly improving. And I believe this change is happening because people are finally realizing that every human is human, we are all the same. Sure, you can be Australian, Korean, American, Japanese, etc. But that is only a label of the culture or country you grew up with. We may look different and have different beliefs, but we all have the same emotions, same abilities and we all bleed the same blood.

Some people may never understand this simple truth. But we as a whole should embrace it with respect and walk away from racism proving we are the bigger men and victors.

(((( To be continued ))))maybe??

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